Plus Nine One

A bi-annual fashion publication that aims to create a new dialogue for contemporary fashion and fashion media in India. Acting as a platform that represents and celebrates  south Asians in the global fashion industry, it will encourage the participation of image makers across India, south Asia and the diaspora. Plus Nine One will explore alternative fashion photography placing seasoned creatives alongside new talent. 

Content created by contributors from India, the United Kingdom and the USA. 




Celestial beings and spirit of the ocean, an editorial spread that reimagines the mythical women in the contemporary world. 


Creative Direction: Arthi Rangaraj ; Photography: Agness Trawczynska; Model: Banu, Named Agency ; Stylist: Kirsten Zullo ; H/MUA: Zainab Jiwa ; Sets: Renan Kawano


Photographed by Alia Romagnoli, the series of portraits is accompanied by an in-depth conversation with her. Exploring her work, process and how she challenges stereotypical aspects of south Asian beauty standards. 


The Underrepresented

Simrah Farrukh is an American-Pakistani photographer based in LA, with her series she worked with darker skinned south Asian women. To challenge the euro-centric, 'fair&lovely' beauty standard propagated in south Asian culture, using fashion photography as her medium to take a stand. 

The images below are excerpts from other series in the publication, from L to R they were photographed by: 

Alia Romagnoli, Arthi Rangaraj, Bellona Yumnam, Arka Patra, Kira Issar, Agness Trawczynska and Lizzie Critchlow